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Record Label/PRO's Networking


The various record labels associated with TIMA gives inspired artists and performing arts ministries direct access to radio spins on BDS reporting stations maximizing their reporting to all of the PRO's (BMI, Seasac, Ascap...etc).  A full listing of participating labels will be available in your welcome package...

Business Exchange Networking 


Business owners, TIMA is an excellent way for you to connect with others in your field or those in need of your services.  Millions will be exposed to your brand as your business will be featured here on the site as a premier business offereing services to the inspired artists and performing arts movement...

Radio Promotions Networking


One key factor in successful music careers is good radio networking, spins, BDS reporting.  Members of TIMA have access to experts in the field of radio promotions that are committed to assisting with gaining maximum airplay and insight to BDS charting for inspired artists...

Our Partners
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TIMA Members Spotlight

Performing Artist Spotlight

Melva Williams

Singer, Songwriter

Dallas, TX


Creative Support Spotlight

Purvis Beach

Musician, Producer, Engineer

Atlanta, GA


Business Spotlight

G2 Music Group

Owner, Angie Greene Gray

Wilmington, NC